Latest Past Events

Online Beginner’s DADGAD Guitar with Owen Marshall

In this introduction to DADGAD tuning, you will learn new chord shapes, picking techniques and right hand rhythms. We will discuss different rhythms for songs, jigs, and reels that will be new to most guitar players that have played in standard EADGBE guitar tuning. Over the course of this workshop, we will take a look […]


Online Irish Session Repertoire with Owen Marshall

Join us for a 4-week, intermediate-level class taught on mandolin by Owen Marshall. Increase your repertoire with a selection of jigs and reels outside the top 40. Each tune will be taught by ear, with audio recordings of each tune sent in advance each week. In addition to learning new tunes, we will explore ornamentation […]


Online Scottish and Cape Breton Fiddle with Katie McNally!

Scottish music, dance, and Gaelic language have been nurtured on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia for centuries. In this workshop, we will break down classic tunes from the Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle repertoires, addressing bowing, ornamentation, and feel as we dig into a variety of reels, jigs, strathspeys, and airs. Recordings and sheet […]